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Wellness in Nha Trang

Situated along the coastline of south-central Vietnam, Nha Trang is an ideal wellness destination with access to numerous hot springs, variety of watersport activities, and resorts that cater to your wellbeing. Nha Trang is a destination that has something for everyone. Those who prefer the vibrant city life can stay in one of the many hotels near the beachfront which are all in close proximity to the beach, restaurants and nightlife.

Yoga Retreat in Nha Trang

Wellness Vietnam organized a 10-day Yoga and Cultural Retreat for a group of twenty Americans. The yoga retreat was organized by Lynne Minton, an instructor with more than 20 years teaching experience, and also for the opportunity to personally experience Vietnam, a country they’ve only read in history books and seen on television. The retreat took place at Amiana Resort in Nha Trang, chosen for its five star facility and secluded pristine location at Turtle Bay. The 10-day program offered a balance of intensive yoga practice with time for exploring the surrounding environment and local culture.