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Intro to Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP)

“One of the beauties of the practice of yoga is that you can do it pretty much anywhere” Nadi sodhana in your office chair, vrkasana while waiting for the bathroom on the airplane, tadasana while standing in line at the grocery store. Natarajasana on the beach, hanumanasana on a mountain top, you name it, we’ve seen it, done it, or wished we had! So why not find yourself a platform for taking your asana out into the watery womb of the oceans, rivers and lakes we’ve been graced with on planet Earth?

Nourishment Day

The ‘Nourishment Day’ retreat takes place every last Sunday of each month at Dai Lai, a 45-minute drive from Hanoi. It’s called ‘Nourishment Day’ for a reason. The retreat is designed as an opportunity to reconnect with nature –  a means to nourish the soul, mind and body. Founded and organized by long time Hanoian expat, Peter Wilkes, the retreat is currently attended by expats with an average about 30 participants.

Wellness in Hanoi

Wellness is an inherent part of the Vietnamese culture and society, especially in northern Vietnam where traditional Vietnamese medicine dates back thousands of years. Today, traditional herbal medicine and therapies such as acupuncture continue to serve an important role in health maintenance and disease management alongside western medicine and hospitals.