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Wellness in Danang

Danang, most famous for its beaches, has over the years evolved into a dynamic modern city known for its environmental friendly policies. Its white sand coastline is lined with a number of five star resorts with some of the best spa facilities in the country. Compared to other big cities in Vietnam, Danang has a broader range of wellness facilities and services for wellness travelers.

Fusion Maia Danang has the largest spa facility in the country with 16 private rooms.With a focus on spa and wellness, Fusion Maia includes  a minimum of two spa treatments per day for every staying guests. Additionally, guests have access to the resort’s Natural Living Program which encompasses soul-lifting activities such as guided yoga and meditation along with numerous activities that support the seven daily health practices, a take home guide to incorporate into everyday wellness. For the more active person, the resort has two large pools, a state of the art fitness center, and of course there’s the long stretch of beach for a run or power walk.

Food Therapy
Hoi An, a quaint former fishing village located 30km from Danang, is increasingly becoming well-known for its organic farming and delicious local specialties. Those familiar with Vietnamese food will know that it is considered as one of the healthiest with its slow cooking methods (noodle broths) and fresh green foods (vegetable spring rolls) and food in Hoi An is no exception.

Most of the organic herbs and vegetables found in restaurants and street food in Hoi An are sourced from a small village called Tra Que. Households in the village follow a strict traditional method of organic farming of fertilizing soil through seaweed from the river which by the way also gives the herbs a unique flavor. Try the mint and coriander from Hoi An and you’ll discover that it’s sweeter and the flavor more robust. Herbs and vegetables are also seasonal which is another way to know that it’s fresh and organic.

Local savory specialties in Hoi An all have herbs or vegetables in the dish or accompanying the dish. Cao Lau is a popular Hoi An noodle dish comprised of flat brown noodle with roasted pork topped with cilantro, mint, basil and salad greens. It’s healthy not only for its fresh herbs and vegetables but also for its slow cooking method which gives the dish its full flavor. There are also vegetarian versions substituted with tofu which is equally flavorful and delicious. You’ll find even the Banh Mi, though a meat sandwich, is stuffed with herbs to balance the flavor and assist in digestion.

If you’re truly interested to learn about where the food is sourced and how it’s prepared, you should consider joining one of many cooking class tours and demonstrations. You’ll appreciate the food you eat in Hoi An even more!